Expanded Snub Cube
Exp snub cube b
TypeSnub Expansion
Panels 6 × Geomag square panel icon
Rods 132 × Geomag rod icon
Spheres 48 × Geomag ball icon
Author Amafirlian 07:49, 28 May 2007 (UTC)

This construction, is similar to a snub cube, consisting of 6 squares that are pulled outwards, but in this case the squares are separated by 2 rows triangles.

Building Instructions Edit

  1. Build a square with two rows of triangles around it.
  2. Fit 4 squares in the corners.
    • The choice of where you put the squares determines the chirality of the construction.
  3. Fill the space between the squares with 1 row of 4 triangles.
  4. Add two rows of triangles and a square on top.
  • During construction take care that the structure is curved outwards.

Properties Edit

Like with Lobel Frames, this structure is remarkable rigid.

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